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Neal L. Weinstein

Atty. Neal L. Weinstein is an advocate of the law with over 40+ years of experience. Atty. Neal L. Weinstein is not only a knowledgeable attorney, but he has also served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations. He has served as an OOB Town Council member, a former Planning Board Member, former member and Chair of OOB Finance Committee, VP B/D of OOB Libby Memorial Library, and most notably, as the President of OOB Lion’s Club, and VP and Chair of B/D of Congregation of Beth Israel Synagogue.

He is a well-rounded individual who understands the needs of the community. If you are in need of legal assistance, Atty. Weinstein is the perfect person to contact.

Attorney Neal L. Weinstein first worked in the Appellate Division of the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He then interned as a prosecutor in the York County District Attorney’s Office. This experience gave him a well-rounded view of the legal system.

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